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Are you feeling stressed lately?

Feel that the heavy load of work is taking its toll on you?
When was the last time you laughed?

Be stress-free with Douglas McCoy‘s
How Cool Is It To Laugh!


It may be cliché but we are used to hearing that laughter is the best medicine. Scientific and neuroscientific studies are backing it up. And here’s the biggest advantage, it is free! You don’t even have to have a reason to do it.

Here are some of the benefits of laughter:

  • Laughter increases breathing, oxygen use, and heart rate which can stimulate the circulatory system and is great for your cardiovascular health.
  • Laughter can boost your immune system.
  • Neurochemicals like serotonin are released which can make you feel good and generate positive feelings.
  • It gives you the positive effects of that “well being feeling” on the body.
  • Laughter as a therapy can be used as a complementary tool to promote health, and cope with illness.

10 minutes of genuine laughter gives 40 minutes of pain relief!

How Cool Is It To Laugh!

According to research, we only need to unlock that part in our brains that handles
laughter since our brains and bodies are pre-programmed to respond well and positively to laughter. We only need to tap into the “voluntary” laughter parts of our brain which are the premotor/frontal opercular areas through the motor cortex and pyramidal tract to the ventral brainstem. With this, you are on your way to infecting others with your laughter!

Promoting a culture of fun and laughter in your organization and your business can get you better results. Laughter can help produce desirable motivation levels, attitudes, and enhanced performance within an organization.

Happiness does not occur through chance. It is a choice. And it is a matter of putting
things into the right perspective, with humor as a crucial part of achieving happiness.
Douglas McCoy has written what most think could be the World’s Best Self Image and Personal Development Series of Books that will bring laughter into your life.

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From a school drop out, barely able to read, Douglas McCoy learnt the principles of
keeping the three dimensions—body, mind, and spirit—working to his advantage and
ReCreated his life to excel and break records, and win awards in sales, sports,
business, studies and the spiritual.

Douglas McCoy, ReCreation King

Douglas learned how to ReCreate himself, so let him show you how to take yourself from where you are, to where you want to be.



Want to be happy and live a stress-free life?

The first step is to laugh your way to happiness and become the best of who you are!